Quick Cure

Quick Cure

Get the most convenient, timely and reliable healthcare through an enormous network of certified doctors using your cell phone, tablet or PC. A web-based user-friendly and interactive online hospital management system that offers a platform for patients and users to connect with doctors or consultants or medical representatives for fast disease diagnosis, prescription, other medical facilities, lab tests and first aid. This platform allows end-users or patients to consult related doctors or medical consultants through audio or video conference to save time and cost. The details of the online hospital management system are as follows:


Patients Docket or Dashboard

Patients can browse through an exhaustive list of medical consultants or doctors using different filters. It allows end-users to view doctors' or consultants' profiles and permit them to request a quick free consultation with the relevant doctor or consultant. Besides, patients can make an audio or video call request and also rate the doctor or consultant after the consultation.

Doctor’s Dashboard

This healthcare platform allows doctors to search and view meeting or consultation requests from patients or end-users. And it also allows doctors or consultants to confirm an appointment for the patient. Moreover, it enables doctors to start an audio or video conference and send a written prescription to the end-users or patients on their profiles.

Online Payment

End users or patients can submit a consultancy fee online via different integrated payment methods with complete security.