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Get more patients online with our custom healthcare SEO services

The challenge that the majority of healthcare, hospitals, and medical centers encounter today is to build a sound online presence in search engine result pages and getting online appointments. Present Covid-19 situation and the tech-savvy audience is further exuberating this issue, making it more difficult for healthcare centers to attract more patients.

  • bulletsHence it has become essential for medical care centers to maintain an online reputation so that they can attract a fine number of the targeted audience (patients) online.
  • bulletsHealthcare & medical SEO services encompass a set of custom SEO techniques specifically designed to rank your healthcare website in Google for gaining more patients
  • bulletsCannot find more patients regularly? Then it’s time to hire affordable SEO services for your healthcare or medical center. And at Tektiks, we’re here to help you with the best outcomes by executing the right SEO strategy so that you can get a constant flow of patients regularly.

SEO Soltions
SEO services

Why is Healthcare SEO Services essential?

In this saturated healthcare field, the right SEO services can help you get patients faster

A survey concluded, about 50% of patients search healthcare websites on the internet before a personal visit to the hospital. And if your healthcare website has no online presence then you are likely to get no patients from the web. Here are some reasons why you need healthcare SEO services:

  • bulletsEvery time a patient enters a query related to your service, he/she want to see your healthcare center at the top position in Google. If your website is out of search patients cannot reach you online –resulting in no patients visiting your healthcare.
  • bulletsFor getting huge volumes of search traffic SEO isn’t a buzzword now. It is an essential component of marketing strategy for any business including clinics, healthcare, and hospitals for an increased higher search volume, more patients, and profit gains.
  • bulletsStruggling to attract more patients? YES? This is where we can help you bring in more patients for your clinic, online observations, and advanced appointments with our affordable SEO services.


Why hire our SEO services for Healthcare or Medical care?

Here are a few reasons for hiring our SEO services for your healthcare center:

  • bullets Top position in SERPs
  • bullets Higher organic traffic
  • bullets Increased online appointments
  • bullets Higher profit gains on investment
  • bullets Constant strings of patients regularly
  • bullets Increased online booking calls
  • bullets Enhanced digital presence
  • bullets Regular flow of new customers

Accelerate the Growth of Healthcare & Medical Centers with Tektiks

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  • 10 Classified Ads
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  • 4 Article Publish on Web 2.0
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  • 20 Social Profile Creation
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  • 50 Niche Blog Comments
  • 4 Search Engine submission
  • 15 Classified Ads
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  • 40 Local Citations
  • 15 Forum Profile Creation
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  • 5 Video Submissions
  • 10 Guest Posting
  • Weekly Reporting

Client Reviews

Reasons to hire search engine optimization (SEO) services

I am running a cardiac clinic in a small suburb of Sydney, I wanted to improve my online repute so that patients can find me online for appointments. With this intention, I contracted with Tektiks and hired their SEO services. I am happily pleased with the results so far with 300 % more patients. They’re outcome-driven!
Sasha Bowmen

Sep 13 2021

I own a healthcare center with numerous departments in New Jersey America. I hired a few SEO agencies with the purpose of getting more patients by online appointments but they were unable to bring the results I was looking for. Thanks to the Tektiks SEO team they are professional when it comes to bringing results for healthcare centers.
Sabastian Wong

May 28 2019

Tektiks SEO team is extremely professional for delivering the best SEO services! Their all-inclusive SEO efforts geared my healthcare center in reaching more patients just in 5-6 weeks from search queries. Recommended to all the medical centers looking to get more walk-in patients.
Jamaica Windsor

Oct 05 2020

290% Rise in skin patients within a short period of 7-10 weeks. I am a dermatologist and run my skincare center in California, their SEO service has helped amplified my clinic’s online presence that resulted in more patients. Hiring Tektiks was the best decision!

Marie Goldwin

jan 11 2020

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As the term suggests itself, healthcare SEO service is an ongoing process of search engine optimization designed to keep in view the healthcare centers and their targeted audience. Healthcare SEO service is the right way for doctors, healthcare centers, hospitals, and medical specialists to get an increased number of advanced appointments and more patients visiting clinics daily via higher traffic and online visibility.
SEO strategy for any healthcare business always depends on the kind of departments and medical services you offer. But, in the end, SEO is all about “E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)”. You have to connect with your targeted audience via on-page, and off-page SEO efforts to maintain your position as a pioneer in your relevant medical niche and locality.
If you work with us we will boost your healthcare website through the following techniques:
  • Performing on-page for updating your website content with relevant information
  • Building authoritative do-follow backlinks
  • Creating and maintaining Google My Business strategy along with local SEO strategy
  • Building a reputable online presence
At Tektiks we can certainly help you in getting more patients with our best SEO practices for healthcare centers medical doctors, clinics, and hospitals. When it comes to attracting clients from the area in which you are operating your clinic, the two best SEO processes that include Local SEO and Google My Business can help seize the opportunities present in your local area. For more information contact us now to talk to our SEO specialist for a FREE consultation.
Well, it depends on the digital marketing services that you require. We can send you a proposal with packages if you contact us at +1-844-335-1083. We're fast in response times and work Monday through Friday during 3 AM till 6 PM US EST Timezones. Our Costs are affordable and always looking to meet your budgets!
TEKTIKS INC offers 24/7 support through our live Chat. Feel free to contact us via call, at +1-844-335-1083 or you can email us at
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